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Welcome to the future of fangaming!

Welcome to the future of fangaming! Fangaming is creating games based around an already officialised idea created with something such as Click&Create (C&C) or The Games Factory (TGF). All the stuff that Live & Learn Gaming produces is created for Sonic the Hedgehog games and a variety of Nintendo games amongst others.
On this site you will find backgrounds for use in TGF to create your own Fangames along with some sprites (animated characters) for the same purpose. Now genuinely some of our stuff is created with from other peoples originals (usually from Sprite Sheets - in these cases their names are in the credits) but there is a lot of our own games and gaming resources.
While on that subject, there are some 'Live & Learn Gaming' games as well as some of our own products and sprite libraries. Take a look within the site to find out more and feel free to download anything! Please note that the site has been updated and now each section (e.g. Sprites etc...) will open in its own window.