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This page is updated regularly (well, if I can find the time! - Benji) and will feature some information in the world of fangaming and official gaming. Please note that all information in here is un-official. Some people wonder why people find it important to say that they are un-official - it's because it means we are not payed by the companies, can say what we want freely and are on the same level as all of you viewers (whereas official game companies tend to think they are better than everyone else and that they can disclose some information and lie to the consumer).
This page was last updated on 02/22/03.
For all you fans out there who downloaded Chao Adventure 1 or 2, I have to apologise. Due to technical problems elsewhere, Chao Adventure has been updated and Chao Adventure 2 has been made redundant as levels from the sequel and Chao Adventure 3, have been merged into this first game. The game has been renamed, 'The Great Chao Adventure: Hunt for the Eggs' and 'Chao Adventures: The Lost Isle' is under construction!

As you may have noticed in the article above, Chao Adventure has been renamed 'The Great Chao Adventure: Hunt for the Eggs' and the second is 'Chao Adventures: The Lost Isle'. Chao Adventures is not The Great Chao Adventure 2, it is its own series based around different Chao from around Chao World. The first stars Pichii, the Chao from TGCA and sequels will star other Chao.
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3 ways to show your love for this site:
1) Send in a file of your own to go on that page (send an EMail with the file (in zip) attached. I will not except any file non-zipped (virus caution)).
2) Remember quietly to yourself that this is but merely a young site only just online and such will grow as the two empires' (L&LG and MAGES) product list grows and people send stuff in like in the first point!
3) Supply yourself with enough food for several months, surround yourself in it (leaving a gap so you can still see the screen), stare at this site until your screen saver comes on. Then knowck the mouse to stop the screen saver, continue staring at this wonderful site and click 'Refresh' every hour in the vague hope that the site has been updated (P.S. ignore all familly members, they do not matter now). Now if you follow step 1 or 2, fine. If you are actually loopy (or just love the site) enough to go through with number 3, then send an EMail telling me so with your home address, and I'll send the men-in-white-coats around to pick you up (don't worry, you WILL be okay with them. Your trauma is over...).

Armed and Dangerous?-
When the masked man stormed into the Volksbank in Niedersachsen and demanded money, the teller complied. Like a child demanding candy, the robber held his bag open with both hands and waited for the cash. Now, any fool knows you can't hold a heavy bag of money and a gun at the same time, so he put weapon on the counter for a moment. The teller seized his chance and seized the gun, and suddenly, the tables were turned. The confused robber raised his arm and, forgetting that his gun was gone, menaced the teller with his index finger. When the robber realized that his situation was not as strong as he had anticipated, he fled the bank on an old bike with pink protection sheet metal. The police are hunting for the man, but they have to take care. He is armed - with his forefinger.

A true story extracted from "The Darwin Awards" by Wendy Northcutt.

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Chao Adventure 2: The Lost Isle
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Thoughts for the day
-What colour does a Smurf go if you suffocate it?
-If a camera lense is circular, why are photos rectangular?
-If ordinary children play on bouncy castles, do the Blairs play on bouncy counsel houses? (or in Cherie's case, bouncy flats!)

If you've got any Thoughts for the Day, EMail them to me at my address with TFTD as the subject!
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